We do not do refunds on tv subscriptions. There are no set-up fees or cancellation fees. You may cancel anytime. We will not prorate the balance of your subscription after cancellation. Your subscription will terminate at the end of your 30 day billing cycle. This follows standard practice in the industry.  Our return policy on the Firestick is 30 days. We will refund in full the cost of the Firestick as long as it has not been altered or damaged in anyway and returned in it’s original packaging. If you have questions regarding your Firestick please email us and we will try to provide the information you need to resolve your issue. We will even set up a phone appointment to discuss any issue you might have. We realize that sometimes issues can be best resolved through personal contact.   

TERMS OF USE: Our app will work anywhere there is a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection provided the bandwidth is at least 15 mbps. You may use our app on more than one device without subscribing to the multiple connection plans just NOT AT THE SAME TIME. Make sure to log out of one device before you log into another device.