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Our LIVE TV App has a very user friendly interface. The list below is a brief explanation of each section. 

LIVE TV – Approximately 4500 channels of live tv. Including local US channels, cable network channels, sports networks, ppv events, music channels, 24/7 channels and international channels (UK, Canada, Latino, French, German, Arabic, Italian, China, Armenia, Belgium, Caribbean, Portugal, and Brazil). Adult channels are also included. If these channels are not desired they can be blocked by going to settings and then clicking on parental controls. Once you enter parental controls you will be given a list of all the categories.  Just click on the ones that you do not want to display.  This can be changed at anytime.  (Or, if you prefer, email us before subscribing and we will block the adult channels for you.) The app will give you control on how to customize your personal preferences.  

MOVIES – Approximately 4,500 movies are available on demand. Everything from older movies to ones recently released. You will also find a wonderful kid's section, a 4K section, as well as other of categories.  

SERIES – TV series includes a large selection of TV series available to watch on demand. Full seasons of all your favorite shows available to watch when you want. 

EPG – Electronic Programming Guide. This is your tv guide for the app.  Click on EPG to update the guide. This section will also allow you you to watch live tv with a tv guide interface. 

RECORDINGS – This is where your recordings will be stored. Please note that most Firestick devices have limited storage space. You will be able to record but it is recommended that it be kept to a minimum and delete after viewing to free up storage space. Android tv boxes with greater storage capacity will be better suited for this feature.  

CATCHUP – This function is still in the developmental stages.   Keep in mind your live tv, movies and series sections will have the option of creating a list of favorites.  This is a very convenient feature. Once you find your favorite channels you will be able to save them giving you quicker access in the future.

How to download and install (see our video tutorial section)

If you are using a Firestick/Firetv you will need to turn on “Allow Apps from Unknown Sources” and ADB Debugging". To do this go to Settings>Device (or My Fire TV, depending on your device)>Developer Options.  At developer options turn on "ADB debugging" and "Apps from Unknown Sources".  Then hit your home button on your remote and go back to you main screen. Other devices (phones and tablets) may need you to allow apps from unknown sources as well.  

The next step is to download an app from the Amazon App Store called Downloader.  Downloader is an Internet browser that will allow you to download apps. 

Once you have downloaded and installed Downloader enter the following url:  After downloading and installing your LiveTV app you will be prompted for your username and password which will be provided to your after you subscribe.   

Please keep in mind that this new app have a multi-screen option that will only work with the purchase of multiple connections.  It is a great feature for simultaneous sporting events or breaking news stories.  See our pricing packages listed in our store.

For other Android devices (including phones and tablets) go to your Internet browser and enter the same url as above:   ourstrea   Download and install the app. You will then be prompted for your username and password.   

To watch through your Internet browser on your computer, phone, tablet or Xbox One via the edge browser type in the following url:   This link will take you to the sign in page which will prompt you for your username and password. The interface will be different from the Android/Firestick app.   

For iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and AppleTv you will need to download an app called IPTV Smarters Player from the Apple App Store. Download and install the app.  You will then be prompted for 3 things: username, password and url:  

( ). Enter those three things required and you will be logged into the app.

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See how to download and install our app on different devices. Go to  our video tutorial section for more information.

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