Welcome to! We are sure you will be impressed with the quantity as well as the quality of the channels we offer. All the live tv, movies, sports and special events you could ever want for the entire family.  There is something for everyone.  But we want you to judge for yourself so we are offering a 24 hour FREE TRIAL.  If you don't feel that 24 hours is long enough we are also offering a 7 day trial for $5.  Click on the link below for your FREE TRIAL or go to our store and sign up for our 7 day trial offer. Keep in mind,  if you decide after your initial 7 day trial to sign up for the service we will issue you a $5 credit that you will be able to apply to the purchase of your subscription.  All you need to do is to notify us at least 24 hours before your 7 day trial expires.

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About how the service works

If you currently use an IPTV service or have never used one you need to check us out. Briefly, IPTV is television provided to you through the Internet. 

So, step one is a strong Internet connection with a minimum speed of 15 mbps. The service will work with a slower speed but the results will not be optimal. 

Step two, you will need to connect the Internet to your tv. If you have a smart tv you are all set. If you don’t, there are several ways of connecting the Internet content to your tv. The simplest and least expensive way to connect your tv to the Internet is through a Firestick or an Android tv box that connects to your television’s HDMI port. 

An HDMI cable connects your box to your tv and will make it possible to transmit the video as well as the audio to your tv. Most of these boxes will connect to the Interent either through a wireless (wi-fi) connection or through an Ethernet cable (which is preferred for a stronger signal) .  Now think of your Firestick or tv box as though it were a smart phone that is connected to your tv. These devices will allow you to have the apps you are already familiar with such You Tube and many others. 

When you subscribe to our service you will be given a link to download our app. Once you have downloaded the app you will be prompted to enter a username and password that will be provided to you. 

Once in the app you will have an opportunity to explore and become familiar with the different menus and all the incredible content. You will find approximately 4,400 channels for your viewing pleasure.    Think about it approximately 4,400 live tv channels for the base price of $20 a month, that’s about .66 cents a day. There is no better deal anywhere for the quality of service you will receive. 

Please be aware that from time to time servers need to be switched and you will experience a brief down time. We will do our best to post any updates on our website.  When this happens it rarely affects the entire site and it is usually done late at night.  

Check out our multi month and multi user packages in our store.  Take a test drive for yourself with our 24 HOUR FREE TRIAL and judge for yourself.


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